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ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping - A custom ECU remap, fine tuning the programme that deals with engine performance and management - Contact us to discuss your specific requirements. The map is custom NOT generic, this allows us to meet your requirements, whether you want more torque for towing, better MPG or more power, call us.     CUSTOMER REVIEW - AUGUST 2016 -  I had my Q5 remapped last week having originally booked in for a cruise control. I had always been interested but a bit sceptical about re-mapping but being a big kid I decided to do ahead with it. Wow what a difference an increase from 134 to 180 BHP. As soon as I started to drive home the improvement was evident just sharper all round and even in 5th and 6th gear the acceleration was good. I also kept an eye on the fuel economy and still averaged 42 mpg between Bolton & Sheffield. If you have any reservations like I did don't worry, have it done and by the way on top of everything else Chris and Sharon are really lovely people too. D, Chesterfield.

£204.17 exc VAT
(£245.00 inc VAT)

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